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I’m currently planning on making a zine for which I need to collect secrets! It would really be appreciated if you could please send me your secrets anonymously and out of context!!! Thank you!

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it is time!!! OMOCAT FALL LINE IS FINALLY HERE with a whopping 15 new designs!

i really wanted to try making more black and white clothing this time around. it was a pretty drastic change from all the color, but i’ve been enjoying this aesthetic a lot more recently. i hope you all like it as well!!

also, make sure to look out for the MOONGIRL t-shirt and tote coming later in the fall!! since i will be working on my video game, OMORI, for the duration of the year (and all of next year), i may not have time to release a WINTER line. however, i do have a surprise planned for the month of OCTOBER!!

that’s it for now; thank you all for your support!

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How To Train Your Dragon 2 - Concept Art 

i bought this art book, and it is so fantastic!  i never get tired of looking at these illustrations, they’re so well done and atmospheric.

in the book, the lead artists and producers describe a trip they took to norway and svalbard for inspiration.  they said the vastness of the landscapes, the sense of untouched wilderness around them, the low arctic lighting, and the spectacular colors you can’t find anywhere else on earth were a huge influence, and they really wanted to bring those things to the movie.

i think they did an amazing job!

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Download Here
Trust me if you weren’t here for The Brushnger Games 2013, I tried like 50 different pencil brushes and this was the best. 


Download Here

Trust me if you weren’t here for The Brushnger Games 2013, I tried like 50 different pencil brushes and this was the best. 

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Is there anything a natural 20 can’t do?

This is a poster idea I developed to show off the amazingness of tabletop rpgs.


"You attempt to pickpocket the man, but accidentally pull down his pants instead."

"You reach out to push the orc off the bridge, but instead lightly caress his back. He is uncomfortable."

"You try to stab the guard, but you stab your crotch instead. Roll fortitude."

"You say your name is Bob and not Jim. Your lie is misinterpreted and they now believe you are a serial killer."

"You swing your axe, but it slips from your fingers and sails across the room."

"In an attempt to dodge the incoming arrows, you jump into the swarm.”

"You bull rush the enemy but miss and jump off of the cliff."

"You try to land on your feet but you land on your sword instead."

"While providing first aid, your hand slips and you stab him in the heart. He dies instantly."


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imagine a video game where you create a hero whose destiny is to save everyone, but throughout the game you start making harder and more questionable decisions, and the game gets darker and darker. and in the end you’re just standing there, clutching the controller and finally realizing you were playing the villain all along






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Second I saw the lineup for BH6 I got this real feeling of déjà vu

You can push and pull at features all you want (which they hardly did) but the origin of each of the female character models is still very obvious

gogo’s hurts the most. i thought she looked asian until i saw a pic of elsa squinting. :/

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this is the best part in the entire manga